How to: Using Updox Forms (video)

  • 21 September 2020
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Watch this quick overview to get started with Updox Forms!


For more information, visit here.

6 replies

What about signatures?  Is there a way for patients to e-Sign, say to grant consent or to agree to a practice policy using these forms?

Hi @ejbilotti.  Here is a great video to see how to add signatures to your forms:  Patient Signatures for Forms

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Thanks Wendy - I am doing Demos to staff regarding forms and this question came up.

When the form is sent to the patient it comes with a Banner that says 


Forms  and there’s an Updox Logo


Is there a way to add our Logo or some indicator so that patients know it is from our Facility ?


@rgoodemote At this time, you can’t customize that banner.  We have the enhancement request and would expect it in the future.  One workaround is to add a ‘section header’ field type with your organization name, and additional information in a ‘label/instructions’ field type. 

I have tried to  fill in an office email, on the line “submit to”   then I click save, but it is not saved.  So how to use the submit to and auto tag?  Not enough details in this vider. Please provice.

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Hi @geoffreydibella! Try entering a queue in that “submit to” field rather than an email. Automatically submitting documentation to queues will help your staff triage their work. If you have other questions, please reach out to Updox’s live support team and they’d be happy to help :)