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How to: Manage completed Forms

  • 1 September 2020
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A patient will be able to submit a form to your practice by accessing the URL, filling out the appropriate fields, and clicking ‘Submit’. 


Once the Form submitted, it will arrive in the Inbox.

You can then choose one of the following common actions:

  • ‘Send Item’ to the patient’s chart in connected EHR
  • Route to a queue or person under ‘Actions’
  • Tag the item for another user to take action
  • Fax or text to a referral practice or physician  

14 replies

So, you can only send this via text?  Is there a way to send via e-mail to the patient? 


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I would check with support to determine if you are enabled for sending outbound email from your inbox. The capability does exist if you have an email address for a contact to send out a normal email from the inbox. You have to make sure the user and/or practice has an “ email address setup in their user profile. But I believe you also have to ensure that the send-out email is turned on, as i dont know if that is a default. I would contact support directly to find out.  If it is turned on, then yes you can paste the URL to a form anywhere you can send text out to another person or to post the forms on your website pages and direct people to them. If you have broadcast message activated you can insert links to forms there also. Its a nice way to have someone “reply with specific information” but its really a form going to an inbox, not a message reply.

@jgregory You do have the ability to send an email to a patient from the Updox Inbox with your Practice Fusion integration.  As long as the patient has a valid email in Practice Fusion, it will populate in Updox.  You would click on ‘Compose’, then find your patient, and choose the email option.  

We are having several patients that report completing a form all the way until the end but we do not receive it.  We send our forms/links via text. They receive it okay, I have even watched them complete them.  A handful of patients’ forms never make it to the inbox.  I have forms selected in my list. Am I missing something else? 

Good morning @getwellhumble.  One thing to check is if the form is routed to a queue or tag.  That might be the reason you are not seeing all the completed forms.  You would check this by going to Menu - Admin - Form Management and checking the ‘Submit to’ and the auto tag.  If that isn’t the filtering issue, I would recommend reaching out to our support team for specific troubleshooting to your account.

How can we make it so that the form is visible in more than one user’s inbox?  Currently the only user that submitted forms are visible to in their inbox is the one that admin designated the form to be submitted to.  It doesn’t seem like admin can choose more than one user for the form to be submitted to.

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Make the form configured to go to a QUEUE  and give a set of users access to the queue  Its how forms were intended



Is there anyway to audit for forms that have been sent for signature that have not been returned?

Hi @SueJ 


Currently we do not have an audit  for form. I notice you have SMS, you can cross reference the items in the sent folders with the forms you have received in the inbox/archive folder.   We love new ideas you can submit  here to enhance our products.

Hope this help ,

You don’t see the Title of the form in the Sent box.  It there any other options or maybe a configuration change to see the title?

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Hi @SueJ

When a patient submits a form, you’ll get a message in your Updox inbox that’s categorized as a form. The subject that appears is the name of the form. 

When you route items to another person or queue, the name of the form is included in the reassigned form. 

When sending an item externally, Updox respects the subject you choose to include in the composer. If you expand the item from within the sent folder, you’ll see the title of the form included. If you’d like to include the name of the form in the subject line, that information will appear in the <insert subject here> field. 


Please let me know if you have additional questions. 

Attached is a work document with the process/set up I am using.  I can see the form name on texts but not emails.  Am I looking at this wrong?

I would like to know how to take a form that a patient fills out and have it integrate into Practice Fusion.

To clarify generally:

A patient fills out the form, it lands in the Updox Inbox, in a specific queue. That form--with its fields populated by the patient-input data--will then be automatically put into Practice Fusion, with the corresponding fields to be populated by the appropriate data from the form.

To clarify specifically:

My aim here is to take a patient registration form and their basic data points (name, DOB, contact information, etc) and have Practice Fusion automatically create a new patient, and to integrate the data from the Updox form to the correct data fields.

Our organization has 7 locations sharing communally both Updox and Practice Fusion. We have a lot of clients and a lot of forms and it would useful to have integration of this sort to eliminate duplication, errors, time-wasting, etc. As our organization grows this concept will be more and more important. We currently have to manually enter the patient into both Practice Fusion and our CRM/POS system. It’s a lot of work when you’re talking about thousands of patients and every one has dozens of required fields -- the copy/paste game gets very old. Not to mention that this task consumes time, and that time is crucial to utilize efficiently when the patient is literally standing there waiting for service, but nothing can be done until these ‘accounts’ are created. 

Can you please help me to understand how this can be made into a thing?

Any help is appreciated.

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Hi @SueJ,

Thanks for the detailed information about the discrepancies you’re seeing between secure text email delivery and secure text. It’s an excellent question but I’m not able to help with the tools I have available. Our support team can do a deep dive with you. I’ve submitted a ticket on your behalf. Thanks for your patience and we’re sorry for the delay. 


Hi @caoilfhionn,

Thank you for reaching out. We’re sorry for the delay. This is an excellent idea and I see the utility of it. Our engineers can do some discovery around this request if you submit an idea here. Thank you!