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How to: Access Forms

  • 1 September 2020
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To review created forms for your practice or to access the unique URL link per form, click on Menu - Home - Forms Library.


  • Clicking on the first icon will copy the unique URL to your computers clipboard. 
  • Clicking on the second icon will open a preview of the full form


Tip:  Copy the unique URL for a form to save time when sending to patients:

  1. Create a Template (Menu - Admin -Templates - New) with the form URL for staff to quickly text to a patient.  
  2. Create a custom Reminder script to include forms that needs to be completed prior to an appointment.
  3. Shorten URLs with free tools, such as Bitly, to avoid character limits for text delivery.
  4. Link to relevant forms from your practice’s website.


Review How to: Manage completed Forms to see how a form is delivered to your Inbox.

5 replies



I don’t have any icons after creating my forms. Do I need to activate the forms somewhere else. How do a send them out via updox? How about via Practice Fusion?  Thanks.

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I do not have the copy and preview icons either. Tried sending it to myself and only get a downloadable PDF version and not an interactive form.

@Jcgmark and @bhatgi If you currently do not see the icons, that means you have not activated the Forms module for your account.  You can do so with this link:  If you have any trouble with your Updox Account number, just let me know and I’ll have someone reach out to help!

I followed your advice to go to the link to activate FORMS, but it says I must pay another $33 to activate them. Is this true?? I thought we had purchased a comprehensive package.

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Hi @kblack,

I took a look at your account and it looks like you’re all set up with forms! Are you still encountering this issue? If so, please reach out to the Updox support team here