Video Chat - Multi-Language Video Chat Invitations

Video Chat - Multi-Language Video Chat Invitations

  • 31 March 2021
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New Enhancement – Multi-Language Video Chat Invitations


When inviting someone to join a video chat call (whether using Quick Chat or Waiting Room), the video chat host will now see a new field called “Invitation Language,” which presents a dropdown list of the languages that are supported. English is always the default, so the only time you need to make a selection is if you want to send an invitation in a language other than English.

Type-ahead search is available, so you can type “K” to navigate directly to Korean, for example.


Once the language is selected and the invitation is sent, the invitee will get the invitation in the appropriate language.












What languages are supported?

English, Spanish, Somali, Chinese (Mandarin), French, Vietnamese, Korean, German, Arabic, Russian

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