How to: Managing user access to waiting room

  • 3 September 2020
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Updox Video Chat users can grant other Video Chat users access to their personal waiting room in order to send patient invites. A healthcare provider can grant access to their waiting room (commonly used for a medical assistant or office staff) following these steps.


From the Updox Inbox, click on the Video Chat button. The Video Chat page will open in a new browser window. Click on ‘Settings’ in the upper right-hand corner


A list of all Video Chat users will be available.  You can search by name to find the delegate or proxy.  Click on ‘Grant access’ to allow the user access to send invites to your personal waiting room.


If you wish to revoke access from a user at any time, you can click on ‘Settings’, find the user, and choose ‘Revoke access’.


Note:  The user must be logged in to grant access to another user.  Also, if an Updox user is marked as inactive from the practice, their access will automatically be revoked. 


Tip:  Video Chat users can have access to multiple waiting rooms as a delegate or proxy.  For many practices, medical assistants or office staff will work with multiple providers.  They can be a delegate in Updox for multiple users’ waiting rooms. 



5 replies

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Is this live now? I opened video chat and do not see any settings in the upper right, so just checking, thanks

@abarbash Sorry about that, I’ve updated the article.  The release is scheduled for next week.  Stay tuned for a date!

Is there any way to add multiple providers with access to ONE waiting room? To be able and use a single waiting room the two providers can pick and choose from or does each provider need their own waiting room? 


Our NP is trying to reach the waiting room

Hi @kcosner

Currently, each Video Chat user has their own personal Waiting Room. Video Chat users with the Waiting Room feature may assign delegates to send invitations on their behalf - there is no limit to how many delegates a user may have. 

I am interested to understand more about your question - are you interested in a shared Waiting Room that multiple providers can access to send invitations and start video chats?


How do I set up a new waiting room for a provider?