How to: Group Video Chat

  • 6 April 2021
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How to: Group Video Chat


Video Chat users are able to send invitations to video chat with up to four patients/participants  (four in total including the host). 

From the Updox Inbox, click on the Video Chat button. The Video Chat page will open in a new browser window.

Click on the ‘quick chat’ tab. Note: you cannot initiate Group Video Chat within the Waiting Room.



Enter your patient or recipient's information, then select the method in which to send the invite (text or email).



Repeat the process to add up to three participants and click START GROUP CHAT.



Each invitation will have a unique link for the participants to join the Group Video Chat. This link will identify the participant and the Group Video Chat they will be joining.

The copy link function cannot be used to start a Group Video Chat. The Copy Link will still be available to start a one on one Video Chat like it does today.



The host experience, while waiting for invitees to join, will not change. Upon sending the invitation, the host will enter a room with a 10 minute countdown timer, like today.

When the first participant passes preflight and joins the chat, the host and first participant will be placed in the Video Chat Room and the countdown timer will be replaced with the call duration timer.


As more participants join, they are dynamically added to the Group Video Chat:


Second participant joining Group Video Chat session.



Third participant joining Group Video Chat session



Desktop browser participant view.


The host may select the video feed of the participant they wish to capture when taking a screenshot.


Hosts will not be able to mute the audio or camera of participants.


The Summary page will be updated to include all participants of the Group Video Chat session. If there are “unknown” participants, meaning an invitation was sent to an email/phone number not tied to a record in the Updox Address Book, the host will be able to enter a name for that participant on the Summary page.






  • You cannot initiate Group Video Chat from the Waiting Room tab.

  • Participants must be invited at the start of the Group Video Chat session. If additional participants are needed after the invites have been sent, the host must end the current session and resend invites to a new Group Video Chat session.

  • A Group Video Chat session must be started within 10 minutes of the invitations being sent out or it will expire.

  • Hosts will not be able to mute the audio or camera of participants.

  • Screenshots capture the entire session view area, meaning participants’ feed will be included. Should the host only want a single feed, please wait until the end of the session, have other participants leave, and then take the screenshots.

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