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  • 22 July 2020
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If you have an entity that you do a lot of faxing with such as a Long term care facility or a pharmacy etc, consider setting them up with Updox Refer & Share.  Refer and Share will allow you transfer documents back and forth in much higher quality level and its much faster than faxing.  Additionally, it providers audit tracking.

3 replies

This is a great workflow Rod!  Do any other Updox users take advantage of Refer & Share?

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Yes I have actively encouraged all the community clinics that I have gotten to know to leverage Refer and Share.  We have shown several how to do that so as to connect our neurology telemedicine practice to theirs for specialty collaboration as an example. 

Here is a page we set up that explains the basic use case around refer and share, though there are many!!!

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I think it would be good to have a specific topic section on refer and share, perhaps titled “Interconnecting practices and users within the Updox global network”.  This is something many might not be aware of. The fact that Updox has made it so simple to invite any other clinical individual or group to create a free account just to be able to securely message/share within the network is a really a big thing. Once people have started to easily exchange Secure Updox Messages “within” the network that ability to streamline primary care-specialty collaboration and to eliminate faxing to each other, etc becomes a reality.  Its worth spreading the word among the thousands of Updox practices and users about this and get people talking about what those “connections” then mean for their own workflow.