Telehealth for your Providers

  • 22 July 2020
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Updox Telehealth is extremely easy to use.  Setup and configuration time is minimal; It is even easier if you are already using Updox Faxing as it’s just a couple of additional check boxes.  If your providers have Laptops with video already installed then you are well on your way.  I was amazed at how simple for both the Providers and the patients to use.  Definitely worth the time to check it out, if you have not already!

3 replies

 I did a test run with a patient, and he said the connection was "choppy" and there seemed to be a vocal delay and echo. 

Is there a recommended equipment setup, a microphone 🎤 or other hardware, that can ensure a clear connection? 

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Karl, I do telemedicine all day long and use many methods of video-audio interactions and when things are choppy on the other end it is usually an issue of the bandwidth...the cell signal, or the person is in a setting with wifi and not connected to the wifi. 

I am a big fan of focusing on the Updox Address book and SMS texting as the foundation of Telehealth.

One of the major reasons why I encourage everyone to engage patients and others FIRST by sms text and secure text (before doing a video interaction the first time, often using templates)….is that if one gets a long delay in a sms reply it often is an indicator of a bandwidth issue.  Echoing often reflects the same issue. If the Updox indicator shows success in the microphone and camera before they enter the virtual room, its likely not a hardware issue.

I also recommend that for every patient….first have someone do a test interaction well before any appointment time just in case the person has issues. Its not a good idea to find that out at the time of a clinic visit. (at least the first time with any given new patient/contact, as that is also the right time to validate their number and other info in the address book is correct)

So..any time that happens….i usually send an SMS text back to the person ..”we seem to have had a choppy connection”…..can you text back to this number when you think you might be in a place with a better connection and we can try again”

Just a few thoughts...but the more you do telehealth audio-video with more people, there is absolutely a certain small percent of interactions that are problematic regardless of the software or system used.

Thank you for your reply, much appreciated.  Your response helped clarify, and I intend to follow your suggestion regarding secure SMS text.