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  • 28 July 2020
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Everybody who uses Updox, every user within every practice should be familiar with the UpDox printer. The ability to be logged into your own EMR or any system or any source of content and be able to just click the button to print it securely into the workspace is a phenomenal workflow for anybody in healthcare

Once you have printed anything into Updox, you can then scratch out identifiers if you prefer, select out or in certain content or pages, and send it OUT securely to a contact as a Secure Text to their phone, or send it WITHIN the Updox Network to another user within your practice (or send to a queue) or to another user or practice via an Updox Secure Message if you have setup a Refer-and-Share

7 replies

Thanks for sharing Dr. Barbash!


For those interested, you can learn how to install this print driver with the attached instructions.

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Here is a great use case from the other day

Refer and Share is setup between one of the Free and Charitable Clinics in North Carolina and a Neurologist’s Updox Practice to streamline ability to provide efficient volunteer curbside specialty advice

Secure message sent after the Nurse Practitioner uses the Print to Updox in order to efficiently select the most recent progress notes, face sheet info and some lab data from their EMR right into Updox, and then immediately into a secure referral to the neurologist

On a friday afternoon, neurologist notified, messages back to the nurse practitioner who then contacts the patient via their telehealth text/video and closes the loop with a few recommendations

That is how Refer and Share, Combined with Print to Updox and then Secure Messaging WITHIN the network really changes the game for all involved

I am trying to install Updox printer on a workstation - not the main computer. How to do this? I already have Updox central printer installed on the main computer.

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Hi Serene, if you call Updox support, they will be able to remote to your computer and assist you.

Support is very good !

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Remember you can do live text chat with support also instead of calling. Right from main website support page. Installing printer from any computer should be same process unless there is some difference in admin rights on the device

I have an updox account but need to learn how to upload/scan/fax/print documents into updox from my computer and then on to the EMR...Help!

@lschwartz I am going to send you a private message.  Don’t worry, we’ll get you to the right person to help you!