Fax Back: Why use it?

  • 6 August 2020
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One of our most requested features for Fax was the ability to ‘reply’ to a fax quickly.  Last year, we released the ‘Fax Back’ button to do just this!  


We wanted to share a great workflow that was provided by Community member @rgoodemote on the benefit of this feature. At their health system, a fax is received from the area nursing home regarding a resident that a provider needs to review.  The provider reviews the fax in Updox, uses the Document Editor tool to add the signature and any notes needed, and chooses ‘Fax Back’ to quickly send back over.

The provider is saving a few clicks and valuable time, and the facility staff has important information back quickly. 


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The Fax Back feature has been a great addition to UpDox.  Not  only does it do all the things Wendy mentioned but it also helps with HIPAA Compliance !