Updox that is not integrated to an EHR

  • 12 August 2020
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We use Updox and Epic - They currently are not integrated, but we still make great use of them.

What EHR do you have that is not integrated and how is it going for you ?

3 replies

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I do at least 10 telemedicine neurology consults a day on new cases in up to a total of 200 hospitals potentially each with different EMRs, and I have to also put my notes into another custom telemedicine documentation tool.  I have found its almost “better” to be working in a universal inbox that is not “integrated” (other than the last mile of seamless save into notes section) because ironically all of the workflow like printing notes to share out with individuals, receiving the faxed H and P and uploading the PDF into our custom emr. all so generic that its very efficient across mutiple different environments I interact with  And the well managed address book of patient family members, and referring providers and mid levels across multiple hospitals but with a singular text/outreach and audio-video chat is fabulous

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Dr. Barbash - Out of those 200 hospitals, how many are you doing Refer and Share with ?

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if i tried to send a refer share to a hospital person they would not have any idea what it is and would assume they needed IT to agree to new technology. Eventually?  Absolutely 

But i dont need to.  Secure Text and Mobile Video only requires one healthcare professional to individually connect with another and it works all the time   Because its one provider directly engaging another!  Beautiful