Printing into Updox from the EHR

  • 13 August 2020
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When printing into UPdox from our Epic EHR, we have to make Updox the Default printer.

We put shortcuts to the Updox printer and also to our Physical printer and have the user Right click on it to switch back and fourth.

Does anyone know of an easier way to switch back and fourth ?  Maybe double click a .bat file or something ?  We try to reduce as many steps as possible.


1 reply

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My advice is the same I give to people about passwords on their smartphones. This is more about ALL people learning that the process of printing in the modern era now involves selection of more than just a default printer because new services have emerged that install a printer (ie you can print to the local printer at nursing station, but you might want to print into a pdf you save, and now you can print into an Updox workspace)----so that the old world of “just click print and ignore where its printing” is over.  I think its a point of education for anyone using computers and the web nowadays that its always worth eyeballing the name of the printer when you click to print….just like in world of electronic faxing its worth sending a TEST fax out to a new number someone just gave you, to make absolutely sure you did not get a digit wrong and send a 30 page patient document to the wrong place!!