Changing Workflow with Updox messaging Vs EMd messaging

  • 1 October 2020
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We are new to Updox and previously been using EMD Task Module to send documents   Can anyone share their workflow integrating the messaging?

Our current:  We scan Labs/radiology/med records into patient’s Docman then open the document place a memo on the top of each document stating who we are sending it to then messaging to assigned provider choosing a category (lab, radiology, colonoscopy, etc) and urgency.  The provider works the messages by category and within the urgency noted.  Then they forward the message to the medical assistant who then calls the patient to advise them of the orders given by the provider.  Each staff member write the status/orders in the memo section so that at any time other staff members can open the document to see what the status is.


I see that there is a messaging section when importing the documents from the incoming Updox fax or patient portal but it looks to only give options for forwarding the message or assigning a task.

We are using EMD Solution Series 9.1


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