Curious how offices are labeling with document tags

  • 22 September 2020
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I work with an office that would like to start using Updox but not being able to label documents is a workflow that they need help with before they know if they could sign up.

5 replies

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We have the following Tags set up - Consults, Refills, Test Results, Nursing Home, Hospice, Urgent, Misc.


We use them to assist in work flow.  Somewhat similarly, we also use queues which allow us to direct faxes to the appropriate departments.

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Yes, exactly! @rgoodemote Tags are a great way to organize and label documents and renaming the subject line is another way to label the document. Popular ways to label tags are by type or by name. Ex: Labs, Medical records, Refill Requests or each staff member gets their own tag. 

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The issue that this office is having is that they do not have the  drop down document type option in updox that transfers it over to drchrono under those attachment types.   Are you using drchrono and you are able to transfer documents over to the emr from Updox under specific “tags”?

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Our Updox is not yet integrated to our EHR.  However, I don’t think fax software can control what the tagging system is once it moves into an EHR.  The tagging system would have to already be a part of the EHR.  The only control we have within the EHR is what the naming convention is.

You might be able to try something like *** = Refill

# = Lab

So  ***PatientnameDate


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Thank you for the response!  I use updox with Practice Fusion and the “tagging/document type” function is available.  His providers us the tag/document types in drchrono regularly to quickly search for “cardiology” consults or “labs” and it would need to be labeled that way in updox before being sent over to drchrono to work for him.  

We do this with our integration with Practice Fusion so was hoping this was available for him in drchrono.