Installing Updox Central

  • 29 July 2020
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Updox Central is a multi-function component that can run as a service and provide for smoother interaction with the systems (e.g. fax server, scanner) and processes already used at the practice. Updox Central provides a Centralized Printer Solution for use with Updox, the ability to load faxes saved by a fax server and or other files into Updox. In some cases Updox Central is also used to replace the function previously executed by the Updox Connector.

Updox Central requires Microsoft .Net4 framework in order to run. If the installer recognizes the .Net4 framework is not installed it will prompt you to install it. If prompted please follow the steps to install the Microsoft .Net4 framework prior to installing Updox Central.

The changes you make are live (there is no save button) After you make the changes click 'Close' at the bottom of the window and Updox Central should be running as a service.

In most cases Updox Central should be installed only one time for your practice.

The below attachment will walk through the installation steps.  Double-click to review, print or save as needed!

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Updox Central is an excellent tool Wendy - Thanks for sharing !