How To Install & Use Updox Print to Inbox

  • 29 July 2020
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How To Install & Use Updox Print to Inbox

The Updox Print to Inbox printer will enable you to move documents from your EHR, a website, or other application to your Updox Inbox.


Downloading the Installation Files

Depending on your Windows System type, we have two installer packages available.  Select the appropriate link to download the zip file.

Windows 64-bit: Click here

Windows 32-bit: Click here


Installation Steps

Updox Print to Inbox is installed in two pieces, a print driver and an application.

  1. Unzip the file to access each installer. This is done by right clicking on the zipped file and clicking on “Extract all”. Then select your Downloads folder for the destination, and click “Extract” to save both files.
  1. Install the file labelled “Updox.Printer.Desktop.32.bit” or “Updox.Printer.Desktop.64.bit”. When this install completes, the installer will disappear and you should have a new printer available in Windows entitled “Updox Printer”.

A security alert may pop up. If so, click “More Info”, then click “Run Anyway”.

  1. Next, install the file labelled “updoxprint Setup”. The file name will also include the version number of the application. When this install completes, the installer will disappear and you will have a new application entitled “Updox Print”.

The same security alert may pop up. If so, click “More Info”, then click “Run Anyway.”


Updox Print Warning Messages

When you first open the Updox Print application you will see a couple of warning messages.


“Oh snap! No credentials specified. Click here to specify credentials now.”

This message lets you know that the application hasn’t been connected to your Updox account.
We’ll explain how to connect your printer with your Updox account below in the Updox Printer Settings section.


“Oh snap! No pdf specified. Click here to select a pdf now.”

This message will appear when the application is opened on its own. Items can be attached and printed by clicking on the “Click here…” link then selecting the saved document you’d like to print.


“Heads up! An application update is available! Install now.”

You may also see a blue info box alerting you that an update is available. Go ahead and update the application by clicking “Install Now”.


Updox Print Settings

Follow these steps to configure the settings for Updox Print.

  1. Click the “Settings” button at the bottom.
  2. Updox Credentials Authentication Options:
    1. To print items to the shared Practice Inbox, enter your integration key. The integration key is found in the Updox Menu > Admin > Practice Information.
    2. To print items to your user private inbox, you can use your Updox username and password.
      NOTE: If you use your Updox username and password to authenticate, you do not need to enter your integration key.

IMPORTANT: Practice Fusion customers will generate their printer credentials under “My Profile” in the Updox Menu.

  1. It is best to leave “Install Updates on app exit” checked in order to allow your printer to automatically update if you have access to install software updates on your workstation.
  2. We also recommend leaving “Auto-close app after successful print” checked as this will close the app when printing is complete, saving you a click.
  3. In order to ensure that your credentials are correct, click the “Test Connection” button. Clicking this button will display your practice and/or user in a notification, allowing you to double check that you have entered everything correctly before proceeding.
  4. Once your settings have been configured, click on “Save”, then close the application.

How to Use Updox Print to Inbox

Once Updox Print has been installed and configured on your workstation, you’re ready to start printing!

  1. You can move documents to your Updox Inbox using your new Updox printer by selecting “Updox Print” from the print destination menu.
  1. A small window will pop up to walk step by step through the process. In all likelihood, this window will disappear before you even have time to read it, however if errors are encountered, this window will provide details to assist with troubleshooting.
  1. Log into your Updox Inbox to view and take action on your printed document.


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