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  • 16 July 2020
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Review the attached guide to create Updox users.

8 replies

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I was not able to add users to Updox. I am an admin.

@SWJeppson It looks like your Updox is tied to your Practice Fusion account.  Because of the integration, users entered in Practice Fusion will automatically update in Updox.  There is not the need to add users in both systems.  Hope this helps!

Followed the directions but still doesn’t work.  I use Updox tied to Practice Fusion.  I even logged in using my assistant’s account and it still doesn’t create a new user for her.  It won’t let me manually add her as a new user.  Any suggestions?


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Hello - Where is it stopping at ?  Does it let you log into The Admin ?  Does it show you the “new” Button ?



There is no “NEW" button because it’s tied to Practice Fusion.  I erased the patient names for HIPAA reasons.  So 1-tied to Practice Fusion so there’s no “NEW” button, but 2-despite that my assistant logged into Updox it’s not making a new account for her.


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  I’m not familiar with Practice Fusion, but I see what you are saying.

I would think you would still have the option to login here

and add from that side.  Have you tried that ?

I logged in to the above link using my (the doctor’s account) and still hasn’t worked.  I can ask my assistant to login again but she’s already tried several times with no success so I don’t see why that link will be different.  I’ll tell her to give it a try.  Thanks.  

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Sounds good - if she gets the same result, I’d email support at, they can connect to your screen and are excellent help !