How to: Import a patient list

Importing patients into your Updox Address Book can give you easy access to use tools such as Reminders, Video Chat and Text!

*Note:  If you are using Updox with a connected EHR in which patient data is integrated, please do not upload a patient list unless directly working with an Updox team member.


Step 1: 

Create the .CSV list of patient information, following the Updox standard map. (see attachment)


Step 2:

To access the file upload area in Updox, click on Menu - Tools - File Updox (.csv)


Step 3:  

In the first dropdown, choose ’Updox Standard Maps’, then ‘Patients’.


Tip:  A sample .CSV will open in a separate tab.  When you are creating your patient list, you must follow the standard format exactly as displayed, ensuring that all the columns are in the correct order.


Step 4:  Your .CSV will display under ‘Unprocessed Files’.  Once your file is finished processing, it will automatically move to ‘Processed Files’.


Troubleshooting tips:  If your file fails to upload, you can check check the following common issues:

  • Make sure the columns in your file are in the exact same order as the standard template provided by Updox.
  • Check the format of how you added zip codes and make sure it matches the sample in the template.

If you have any additional issues with importing your patient list, please contact our support team directly.



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I am trying to click on the attachment for step one, and it is loading as “error, does not exist”. Is there another forum that I can go to to learn how to complete step 1? 

@kcosner Since you are using Practice Fusion, you probably do not have the option to upload a patient list.  You should be getting all patients additions and changes sent to Updox through the integration with Practice Fusion.  Was there a different use case you are trying to accomplish?

I see how to email upcoming and past appointments, but I am specifically trying to send out messages to patients who do not have an appointment scheduled. Like a reminder to make a follow up.

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@kcosner That would require a custom broadcast list to be created within Practice Fusion. Once you’ve created that report from Practice Fusion, you can upload that report using our File Upload tool located in your Menu and then going to Tools. Once uploaded, you’ll be able to send your message out.

That does not seem to be an option in practice fusion. So theres no other way to filter patients and send messages for people who aren’t scheduled? 

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@kcosner Correct. There’s no way for the Updox system to know which patient’s aren’t scheduled. The system syncs with what it sees on the Practice Fusion schedule.

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We uploaded a file originally- and have not kept up with a flow to allow us to add patients as they are new to us. If we upload another file with our current active patients- will it still cause a duplicate record to be created or will it see there is already a patient with that MRN and not create a new record? 

When we first did all of this- it would create duplicates. I am just trying to figure out if that functionality is still the same.  

Thank you!!

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Also- are we in v2.0? Or Standard Maps When it asks what my file type is?

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@MandyLHorner For any new patients you want to add, I recommend adding them through the address book. It’s the book icon towards the top of Updox. (You can also type aa for a quick shortcut) Here’s a helpful job aid about how to do this: For your other question, you’ll use standard maps.

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That was what I thought on both counts! Thank you for confirming! :)