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Sample Forms now, default Forms library soon!

  • 24 September 2020
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Our official forms library (coming soon)  will give each account ‘default forms’ to get started.  But while we wait on that enhancement, we have added the ability to copy the below forms into your account.  This will help your team get started in no time:

If you would like any, or all, of these sample reports added to your Updox account, just reply below!


43 replies

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FYI i think the link to the Refill request is the same as the consent form, might want to update that

@abarbash thank you for the heads up!

I would like to try these forms please.

I would love these forms too!

Please add all

@john.leoniak It doesn’t look like Forms is activated on your account.  I’ll have someone from the team reach out today!

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Please add these to us - Thank you Wendy !

@rgoodemote This have been added.  You can access them in your Forms Library, and edit under Form Management (under Admin).

@rgoodemote This have been added.  You can access them in your Forms Library, and edit under Form Management (under Admin).

Please add me to these forms to my library. Thank you

@acowans These have been added!

Please add all templates,

Also do you have any Text templates like the form templates?

@john.leoniak The forms templates are now active in your account.  We can’t add any text templates to your account.  Let us know if you need any help getting these set-up!  We have some great Learning Center tools under Admin Tools.

Please add all to my account


Please add all of these to our/my account.

Will the forms library be more comprehensive, meaning inclusive of the standard pain scales with the ability for patient to mark on a picture where they are having pain?

Similarly, anxiety and depression scales where they involve numerical rating for the different check boxes, like the Zung Anxiety or Depression scales?  I know there are other scales also in use like Hamilton or Beck’s which all have some type of numerical weighting to each of the answers. Would it be possible for a sum / tally of the total of all answers with different numerical weightings to be placed at bottom or end of the form? (similar to something like an Excel spread sheet function for a column or row)?

@NitinDesai108 and @tsg The sample forms have been added to your account!


I think our forms library will have sample reports like the ones just added to your account, but these will be there by default.  We have gotten a lot of feedback on how to better handle numerical ratings, and our product team is looking for solutions to help better serve these forms.  We will provide more information as it becomes available.

Please add these forms to my account.



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Any plans to provide a shared library that users could directly “import” from into their own practice forms ?

@carusodan It looks like you still need to activate the forms module for your account.  You can visit and walk through the steps.  After this activation, I will get the default forms added!

@abarbash I’m not sure of the product team’s plans on this functionality for the future.  It is a great idea and I’ll be sure to forward along!

I would like to add these forms.


Thank You!

Hello, we would like to add all these forms to our account.

Thank you!

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Thanks @mcostianes and @wedgar for helping us get our forms up and running !

Excellent Customer Service ! 

Please add all of these sample forms to my account.  I am looking forward to the forms library!