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Product Enhancement Release - Forms update

  • 28 September 2020
  • 9 replies

Two exciting features will be available this week for electronic Forms.  The ability to add a signature field and a star rating are scheduled to be released in the new Forms module available Wednesday, September 30th.

  1. Signature field:  When creating a form, a new ‘signature’ will be available.  The patient will be able to use their mouse on a PC or finger on a mobile device to create their signature.
  1. Star rating for feedback:  When creating a form, a new type ‘star rating’ will be available.  


Keep checking into the Community for future enhancements, such as the ability to upload an attachment on a form (for use cases such as insurance cards and drivers license) and the addition of the Forms Library.  If you are new to forms, review this quick overview


Click here to activate Forms for you practice today.

9 replies

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I am getting an error message when I attempt to save a form with the new field.

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did you make sure that the boxes for “active on portal and public on portal “ are NOT checked?  If they are checked, the error appears because the signing field i think is not adapted if the form is displaying to the patient portal itself , at least i think that is the case. If a form has those two boxes UNchecked, you dont get the error

Hi @dlimitless!  Did the suggestion from @abarbash work?  These new fields are not available on the patient portal, only our external forms (that are linked by a unique URL).  I can have someone from our Customer Success team reach out to you if that would be helpful?

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I removed the field in order to place it back on the portal but now I am getting an error message as though the field still exist in the form. :sweat:

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Thank you for these continued additions!  Can I ask if there is a way to store the star rating?  What it the intent of this?  Can they be seen on a website with an average score?

@dlimitless I think our support team would be best to assist with the errors you are getting.  You can chat live at or email at  

@rrclark8611 As of now there isn’t a way to store the star rating.  We are looking at a short-term enhancement that would allow form responses to be exported to a CSV, that way you can total up values for use.  We are also looking at a way to ‘share’ the star rating, but no immediate plans on our roadmap at the time.  I can see the value of being able to share the average on your website, so I’ll check in our plans soon!

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I just used the Signature and the Star rating for the first time - Very Nice !

Thank you!

I don’t have the signature option for some reason