How to: Port a fax line to Updox

  • 17 July 2020
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Step 1: 

Complete the following questions:


  1. Your Company’s name or the name on the account with your current carrier?

  2. The Service Address? (this could be different than billing) 

  3. The ATN (Account Telephone Number) or BTN (Billing Telephone number)?

  4. Account number with current carrier?

  5. Authorizing Person on account? (This person must sign our LOA) 

  6. PIN on account? (if applicable) 


Step 2: 

Ensure the authorizing person on the account fills out the attached Letter of Authentication (LOA).


Step 3: 

Get a copy of your most recent bill with your current fax number carrier.


Step 4: 

Send all of this information by email directly to

Tip: Remember that the porting process will take at least two weeks, potentially more, as controlled by the FCC.  Keep your fax line forwarded to Updox to ensure there is not a disruption in receiving faxes.

4 replies


The link above doesnt work.

Ive been trying for last 1 week and seem to have no answers to the porting, thus I am unable to start using my Updox

Sorry about that mistake @ksaidenmd!  I’ve fixed the article, but if needed you can email directly.  That is the best way to get help!

Do we stop the forwarding process once porting is complete?

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@jennylpn  Yes, once the # is ported and you receive verification the porting has been completed, there is no need to forward.