How to: Forward a fax line

  • 14 July 2020
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Forwarding with Updox can be completed in three simple steps!


Step 1:

Find your Updox fax line within Updox by clicking on Menu - Admin - Fax Settings. Updox automatically assigns each practice a fax line upon registration.


Step 2: 

Contact your fax number carrier and let them know you wish to forward your current fax line to the fax number Updox has assigned you.


Step 3: 

Send a test fax to ensure this forward works. If it does not, this indicates your carrier has not forwarded correctly. Be sure to reach back out to your carrier to complete the forward. 


Any issues with forwarding a fax line to Updox must be addressed with your existing fax carrier.  Unfortunately, Updox has little to no control on this process. 


2 replies

I just signed up for Updox electronic fax this week. I went to menu → admin → fax settings. I do not see the Updox fax number that I have to provide to my fax number carrier. Where can I find it?

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Hi @cacasimir

Sorry we missed this one - I see a fax # linked to your account now. Try checking that menu out again. If you are still unable to see it, please submit a support ticket here