Patients calling they got new portal and we dont know either...

  • 9 April 2021
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we are getting call from patients that Anderson has new portal and we dont know what that is its seems all patient (customers) of file with email have received this . had some call indicating they have not seen that doc in years...what up

3 replies

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If you believe these messages are coming from Updox please reach out to Updox Support ( and they can look into the issue further.

Thanks; Roger (Updox Onboarding Team Lead)

need to have someone call us, our IT dept put in a ticket last thursday on this.  Frustrating on our end. and it is coming through updocs for some reason alot of our customers ae putting in refills on this and we dont take refills over updocs.through SMS messaging…

cleve Anderson

Anderson Compounding Pharmacy

Brsitol TN

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Sorry you are still having this issue; I have tagged a representative on your open case and you will be getting a contact from us. After looking over the account again I do show Updox Patient Portal is something that the location setup and trained on in 2018. So the messages your customers are getting are for that Patient Portal.

We will be reaching out soon to discuss your Updox account and verify your setting. Thank you and we will speak with you soon. Thanks!

ROGER - Updox Onboarding Lead