Onboarding Checklist

Onboarding Checklist: Forms with Text

  • 15 September 2020
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Onboarding Checklist:  Forms with Text

When getting started with Updox Forms and Text, make sure to follow this checklist to ensure your practice will be set-up for long-term success.  The links will take you to relevant articles as needed!

9 replies


We are excited to use this!


It would be great if the patient’s information populated into the form. Or at least in the updox inbox “from: John Doe DOB 1/1/1900” when sending a form by text. I figure this should be fairly straightforward when the practice selects the patient’s name.

Great idea Ethan!  We’ll keep sending this feedback to our teams.  Many users have the first question be name so it’s easy to find on the form when it comes in.  Hopefully that will helpful for you!

Hi! Is there a way to add forms into a Broadcast message? example: if I have 10 new patients coming in today, I don’t want to send the form to each patient one by one, I’d rather send en masse.


Also, we use PracticeFusion for our EMR; there tends to be limitations on us when features roll out like this. Are there any you are aware of?

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Open the forms library, use the copy to clipboard feature then open your broadcast configuration and create a template, and paste the link from that form into it. That way what you are sending out via broadcast is a templated message with an embedded form. The recipient clicks on the form and the item arrives in the inbox. Its also a way of essentially enabling a reply to a broadcast without it becoming a message loop. You are structurally driving the reply

For some reason, I don’t have the copy to clipboard functionality; I don’t see the copy unique url icon next to my test form in the Forms library. See below



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You should click that button to request to have forms activated


Ah, I figured it out -- I had to go into Admin > Practice Settings > “Display link to public forms in Forms Library” 

Missed that step, sorry to bother! Thanks for the help though!


@MichiganAvenuePodiatry let us know if you need anything further!  I can have your Customer Success Manager reach out if needed.

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thats great, you and everyone else will love having this forms capability