How to: Creating Broadcast patient lists

  • 10 December 2020
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For specific Broadcast messages, you can create a custom patient list that will be available when sending to patients.  


Step 1:  From within the Updox inbox choose Menu - Admin - Broadcast Configuration, click on ‘Lists’ then ‘New’ in the bottom right hand corner.


Step 2:  Name the patient list, and click ‘Save’.

Step 3:  Choose the criteria needed to filter your patients.

  • Age:  Patients can be filtered by age, in both years and month.  This will be calculated based on the DOB in the patient’s record.
  • Sex:  Lists can be created based on the patient’s sex.
  • Add Additional: If you have a specific list of patients’ names, you can search for each patient to add to your custom list.
  • Filter:  Enter patient information to see if they are in the list based on your criteria.  You can remove a patient by clicking ‘Remove’.


Step 4:  Once you have the list created, close the window with the ‘X’ in the upper right hand corner.  The list will appear as ‘Active’ in the menu bar. If you need to edit the list, double-click to make changes.

7 replies

I am not seeing the Broadcast Configuration tab as referenced.  Can you explain?

Hi @daurslanian!  It might be because you are not an ‘Admin’ in Updox.  If not, reach out to your internal Updox expert and see if they can add this access for you!

How can patients who are no longer with the practice be filtered out?  They usually don’t opt out of the portal when they leave, but they don’t need to know the latest news from our office or be invited to our next flu shot clinic.  Is there a way to mark these accounts?

Curious what other practices do with portal accounts of patients who transfer. Do you inactivate their account, and if so, do you do so immediately or after a certain time frame has passed?

I’ll be interested in other replies from customers too, @drfmAM.  I do know many customers handle this in their EHR with inactive.  If that is the case, it would be handled in Updox and Broadcast messages would not go to inactive customers.

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I make them inactive as soon as they transfer out or are no longer in the practice.


I agree there is no broadcast config.

I clicked on updox, inbox, menu, admin, and definitely there is not broadcast config!

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Hi @geoffreydibella!

I created a case for you with this issue. The Updox support team will reach out to you with questions and next steps.