How to: Create a Broadcast Template

  • 12 January 2021
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Broadcast templates are messaging templates with pre-set text to make sending common messages quickly within Updox.  


Step1:  From within Updox, click Menu - Admin - Broadcast Configuration. You must be an Updox Admin to access this option.  Click on Templates, then ‘New’.


Step 2:  Choose which message delivery that you’d like to create a messaging template.  For this example, we will choose ‘Email’.


Step 3:  Name the message template, provide a Subject, and type the message body in the Message field.  Ensure ‘Active’ is checked when you are ready for it to be used, and click ‘Save’.   


Step 4:  Using variables will pre-populate your text with the information that is in Updox.  For example, if your practice name is ‘Updox Family Practice’, the above example would end with:


Updox Family Practice

Variables are a great way to personalize the message for your patients and your practice. 

Tip:  Templates that are ‘Active’ will be available under ‘Message Template’ when sending a Broadcast.


Tip:  Text Broadcast templates must be under 140 carriers to comply with carrier rules.  Preview is available on both text and phone templates. 


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